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Hi, I'm Andrew Shubin, and I appreciate you taking time out of your day to get to know me. For me, being an artist is a compelling way to share the human experience. It drives me to keep pushing my limits, it brings a sense of wonder, and it causes me to gain a deeper knowledge of myself and the world around me. What I love about storytelling is the countless ways that I get to creatively explore it, from singing, to writing/arranging, and to acting. I'm the type of person who always likes a new challenge, so I'm grateful to be an artist and express myself, that others might find healing, safety, and freedom for themselves in the stories I have the privilege of telling.



Born in San Clemente, Ca, Andrew has grown up in California his whole life. Sports like football and basketball were a big part of his upbringing and the work ethic he has developed. He started his love for the arts in becoming proficient in the guitar and singing. After earning his Bachelors of Music from Azusa Pacific University, he has  done session singing work in LA, worked in local musical theater companies, has appeared on TV shows such as American Horror Story (Choir), Perfect Harmony (Choir), and has appeared as a backup vocalist for Keala Settle on the Ellen Show and for Jordan Fisher at the D23 Expo.


Andrew spent 2 months singing for Disney Shanghai this past Christmas season, and played Lt. Cable in a production of South Pacific. Since Covid 19 hit in March, he's had the opportunity in solitude to write more original songs and arrangements, and is excited for the future as a music artist and session singer. Below are some songs that he has been featured on.

Vocal Demo

coming soon!


"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return." Nat King Cole

The Confrontation- Les Mis


Andrew has been teaching voice, guitar, and music theory for over 5 years, has a passion for helping people expand and grow confidence and skill with their craft. From simple/advanced technique, to songwriting and storytelling, to dealing with performance anxiety, Andrew is passionate about seeing artists thrive and finding their voice.  for any inquires concerning group lessons, private lessons and package deals, please contact

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